Sustainability and Design


Sustainability is (and needs to be) more than just efficiency. We're here to help you navigate and optimize competing needs in the areas of greenhouse gas emissions, water use, biophilia, resilience, environmental impacts, circadian lighting, ventilation, emissions, durability, and much more. Our species now spends 90% of our time indoors, so now is the time to make these spaces as healthy and as beneficial to your family as possible.


Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing building, this is the most important stage of your project.  From programming the schematic design (ideas and sketches) through design development to the construction documents, your time, energy and budget in this area will save time, energy and budget throughout the project, and ultimately result in a better outcome.  

We can assist with design elements from material selection, layout, systems (ventilation, heating/cooling, electrical, plumbing, smart home, renewables, etc.), structural and much more.  

Our goal is to help achieve your vision while optimizing health, sustainability and resilience in your design.